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Hennessy Collision - Chevrolet Approved Certified Collision Center


Make GM Collision Parts your first choice for exceptional collision repairs. Elevate your vehicle’s performance and comfort with genuine components. Reject subpar imitations and choose GM Collision Parts for impeccable design, quality, and fit. Rely on authentic OEM components for unmatched reliability and longevity.

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Experience the Excellence of GM Genuine Parts and ACDelco OE Parts. These meticulously crafted components are precision-engineered, rigorously tested, and officially approved by GM to seamlessly align with the specific requirements of your Chevrolet, Buick, GMC, or Cadillac vehicle. Opt for our collision parts to ensure the restoration of your vehicle to its original, pre-collision condition, and relish the peace of mind that accompanies it.

Dealing with post-collision situations can be overwhelming. Yet, when it comes to General Motors vehicle repairs, it’s crucial to recognize that GM Original Equipment collision items strictly adhere to GM’s stringent safety standards. This unwavering commitment guarantees a dependable and precise repair journey, ultimately preserving the efficiency and proper operation of essential safety systems.

Hennessy Collision - Chevrolet Approved Certified Collision Center
Hennessy Collision - Chevrolet Approved Certified Collision Center


installed during production

Hennessy Collision - Chevrolet Approved Certified Collision Center


for your GM vehicle

Hennessy Collision - Chevrolet Approved Certified Collision Center


to rigorous standards

Hennessy Collision - Chevrolet Approved Certified Collision Center


limited warranty

Hennessy Collision - Chevrolet Approved Certified Collision Center

Proven expertise

Precision in repair methods is crucial for reinstating a vehicle’s structural integrity and safety following a collision.

FCCN specialists adhere diligently to Chevrolet’s repair protocols, with a strong emphasis on the utilization of Chevrolet-tested and engineered OE parts whenever feasible. Take into account the sophisticated crash avoidance and safety systems prevalent today. These systems operate harmoniously, relying on precise components and methodologies for optimal performance. Expertise in this field can significantly influence the final outcomes.

Outstanding customer service

FCCN Centers are dedicated to optimizing the convenience of the repair process. This includes:

  • Efficiently collaborating with your insurance provider to streamline claims processing
  • Providing regular updates on your vehicle’s repair progress to keep you well-informed
  • Offering flexible alternative transportation options upon request
  • Presenting a detailed overview of the completed vehicle repairs for your comprehensive understanding
  • Ensuring the inclusion of a Limited Lifetime Warranty covering all repaired vehicle components
Hennessy Collision - Chevrolet Approved Certified Collision Center

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Not All Collision Parts Are Created Equal

Choosing Original Chevrolet Parts ensures the utmost safety for collision repairs, as these replacement components perfectly match the ones originally installed in your vehicle. On the other hand, aftermarket, salvage, and counterfeit alternatives fall significantly short.

WINDSHIELD SAFETY SYSTEMS – Your OEM windshield is intricately designed to seamlessly integrate with camera systems that control vital features like lane departure warnings, autonomous braking, and rain sensors. Deviations in shape, thickness, or specifications found in aftermarket windshields can disrupt camera calibration, posing safety risks.

ACOUSTIC GLASS – SoundScreen® acoustic glass remarkably reduces engine, tire, and wind noise while driving, enhancing the overall cabin experience. Aftermarket windshields lack the same noise-dampening ply layer that’s present in OEM windshields.

STRUCTURAL INTEGRITY – In the event of a crash, an OEM windshield is engineered to stay firmly in place to uphold your vehicle’s structural integrity, crucial for proper airbag deployment. Alterations in angle or specifications from the original windshield increase the risk of detachment, compromising airbag effectiveness.

TESTING – Each new part undergoes rigorous testing to meet stringent governmental safety standards before being integrated into Chevrolet vehicles. These parts are both independently tested and evaluated for compatibility within the vehicle system – a level of scrutiny that the aftermarket lacks.

WHEEL RIMS – Your wheels bear the weight of the vehicle, making cracked or bent wheels susceptible to further damage from driving stress.

Attempting to repair wheel rims can weaken their structure, amplifying risks to both the wheel and tire integrity, potentially resulting in accidents.

SHEET METAL – Sheet metal damage goes beyond aesthetics, acting as a safeguard for intricate components within doors, roof, bumpers, and more.

For sheet metal damage, trust reliable Collision Centers to assess whether it’s a repairable dent.

HIGH-STRENGTH, MILITARY-GRADE ALUMINUM – Newer vehicle models incorporate robust high-strength sheet metals, including military-grade aluminum. Unlike Chevrolet, aftermarket suppliers lack the ability to replicate this specialized metal.

For high-strength, military-grade aluminum, rely on certified Chevrolet or independent collision centers.

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Hennessy Collision - Chevrolet Approved Certified Collision Center
Hennessy Collision - Chevrolet Approved Certified Collision Center

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