Ford Approved Certified Collision Center

Hennessy Collision - Ford Approved Certified Collision Center


Ford Certified Says It All

The right to choose an FCCN repair center is yours. The advantages of making this choice speak for themselves.

Hennessy Collision - Ford Approved Certified Collision Center

Why certified centers are the right way to go

Experience the Excellence of Ford Certified Collision Network (FCCN) Centers – Your Trusted Ford-Certified Repair Solution. Our FCCN Centers are the premier destinations for top-tier Ford vehicle repairs, ensuring the highest standards of quality while streamlining your experience. With a dedicated annual on-site evaluation and access to the latest repair guidance from Ford Motor Company, choosing FCCN guarantees a seamless process. Entrust your Ford’s restoration to FCCN, where our workshop is committed not only to reinstating your vehicle to its pre-accident condition but surpassing it with unmatched expertise.

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Extensive capabilities

Equipped with specialized tools, cutting-edge equipment, highly-trained staff, and thorough training, FCCN Centers wholeheartedly dedicate themselves to meeting rigorous Ford standards. These diligent endeavors play a vital role in effectively restoring your Ford vehicle to its original pre-collision state, ensuring a precise alignment with your exact expectations.

This encompasses a broad spectrum, beginning with authorized facilities that excel in aluminum repairs and are further enhanced by the utilization of coated boron steel self-piercing rivets. Additionally, our exclusive use of OE-approved paint systems guarantees meticulous color restoration in vehicle finish repairs. These capabilities cover a wide array of specialized expertise.

Hennessy Collision - Ford Approved Certified Collision Center
Hennessy Collision - Ford Approved Certified Collision Center

The Right Parts

Get the parts made by the same people who built your Ford.

Hennessy Collision - Ford Approved Certified Collision Center

The Right Policy

Check to make sure your insurance policy covers new OEM collision parts.

Hennessy Collision - Ford Approved Certified Collision Center

The Right Repairs

Learn what to ask and what to look for when you get repairs.

Hennessy Collision - Ford Approved Certified Collision Center

Proven expertise

Accurate repair methods play a crucial role in restoring a vehicle’s structural strength and safety after a collision.

Our FCCN experts strictly follow Ford’s repair protocols, prioritizing the use of Ford-tested OE components for repairs whenever possible. Consider the implications of modern collision avoidance and safety technologies, which heavily rely on perfectly aligned systems and components. This all-encompassing strategy guarantees peak performance and highlights the vital importance of such specialized expertise.

Outstanding customer service

FCCN Centers are fully committed to enhancing the repair process for utmost smoothness. This includes:

  • Working closely with your insurance provider to streamline the claims process
  • Providing regular updates on the progress of your vehicle’s repairs
  • Offering alternative transportation options upon request
  • Providing a detailed breakdown of the completed vehicle repairs
  • Backed by a Limited Lifetime Warranty for repaired vehicle components
Hennessy Collision - Ford Approved Certified Collision Center

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Not All Collision Parts Are Created Equal

Choose Original Ford Parts for Secure Collision Repairs, as these replacements perfectly match your vehicle’s original components. Unlike aftermarket, salvage, and counterfeit alternatives, they offer unparalleled quality.

Enhancing Windshield Safety Systems – Your OEM windshield seamlessly integrates with camera systems critical for features like lane departure warnings, autonomous braking, and rain sensors. Changes in shape, thickness, or specifications in aftermarket windshields can disrupt camera calibration and compromise safety.

Advanced Acoustic Glass – SoundScreen® acoustic glass reduces engine, tire, and wind noise, enhancing your cabin experience. Aftermarket windshields lack the noise-reducing ply layer found in OEM windshields.

Preserving Structural Integrity – An OEM windshield is engineered to remain intact during airbag deployment, maintaining structural integrity. Deviating from original specifications raises the risk of detachment, impacting airbag effectiveness.

Thorough Testing – Each new part undergoes rigorous testing to meet stringent safety standards before integration into Ford vehicles. These parts undergo independent and systematic testing, a distinction that aftermarket parts lack.

Ensuring Wheel Rim Safety – Your wheels bear your vehicle’s weight. Cracked or bent wheels under stress can lead to further damage and accidents.

Attempting to “repair” wheel rims can weaken them, increasing risks to both wheels and tires, potentially causing accidents.

Sheet Metal’s Vital Role – Sheet metal damage goes beyond aesthetics, safeguarding intricate components in doors, roof, bumpers, and more.

For sheet metal damage, consult a reputable Collision Center to assess if it’s a reparable dent.

Trust in High-Strength, Military-Grade Aluminum – Newer vehicles incorporate high-strength metals like military-grade aluminum. Unlike Ford, aftermarket suppliers cannot replicate this precision.

For high-strength, military-grade aluminum, rely on certified Ford or independent collision centers.

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Hennessy Collision - Ford Approved Certified Collision Center
Hennessy Collision - Ford Approved Certified Collision Center

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